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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 16, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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happening when all of that started and all of that chaos began? >> having bombs go off around the last family member that i have left was pretty frightening. a walk in the woods leads to a video called the mysterious plant. >> see the freak of nature that left one couple creeped out. >> i feel like it's mad and it wants me to get away from it. >> plus, the coy pond floor that let's you walk on water and whose turn is it to walk the kitty? i have a couple of videos for you guys of people behaving badly. first in wrigleyville in chicago, illinois, you've got a bathroom in the middbrawl in th a pizzeria in the middle of the morning. this happened because some women cut in line at the counter in front of a couple other ladies. the fight started and then it looked like everyone got involved. people at the restaurant did call police, but by the time the
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police showed up, the brawl had stopped. two people treated for minor injuries, but no arrests were made. >> nobody like a line jumper. >> nope. and that leads us to our next video, another line jumper create ago brawl, this time at a costco in san francisco, california. this video was uploaded to "right this minute".com by one of our viewers named swrams. he's an off duty sheriff's deputy. using not nice lady-like language and there are a lot of young people around. as she pushes her shopping cart out of costco she turns around and suddenly noticed that this guy has his camera rolling. watch what happens. oh. >> he cuts the camera off and then he told us he did inform her that he was an offduty officer. >> did she call down at that moment? >> he said she did have a few
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words for him and eventually calmed down, left the costco. but by that point, police had shown up. no charges were filed against her, but she did have to forfeit her coastco membership. >> oh, you're kiting. >> if you're embarrassed because you were being filmed because you were acting like that in a public place, then don't act like that in a public place because there's cameras everywhere. the images in this video are very dramatic and hard to watch in some parts. it comes from china. an internet cafe caught on fire. if you look at the bottom of the screen, you can see the furious fire coming from the windows of the cafe. not only is that bottom floor bunig,he da smo mi f top windows and there are people standing on a ledge above that first floor with someone else
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dangling from that window where that smoke is coming out. the fire started at the cafe, but it spread to the nearby hotel. one of the most difficult parts of this video comes right about here when you see this. and, again, it warn you, it's very difficult to watch. two people, probably out of desperation, decide to jump from the fourth floor of this building. immediately, people rush over to their aid and, fortunately, there is an ambulance right there to provide aid. incredibly, they only suffered broken arms and legs from the fall. >> you can tell that people were doing anything they could to get out of this building. you saw there there was a sheet tied from out of one window someone used as a rope to get down. >> you're saying they jumped from the fourth floor on to concrete and they only suffered broken bones. >> yeah. you have to ask yourself, a chance for broken arms and legs or your life. it's a question you have to answer. >> i have some footage from some of the aftermath of this fire, and you can see it was
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merciless. there were multiple casualties and at least 60 people injured. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. yesterday on our show, we told the story of a man named josh kreary. you remember this story. josh is 27 years old and is he's blind. because of a degenerative retinal condition that he was diagnosed with at age 14. ran the boston marathon in 2012 and was planning on on running it again in 2013. an amazing story because of josh's condition because josh can't see. but, of course, now we know what happened in boston yesterday. there were deaths and injuries of many people there in boston. we have josh joining us right this minute to talk to us. josh, how close were you to where these attacks went down? >> they were at the same spots that we were about 6.2 miles out. >> what did you think was happening when all that chaos began?
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>> well, my sister gave me a call because she was actually sitting in the section at the finish line. she called me probably within ten seconds after, said there was an explosion, there were sirens going off and is people were running away. and then i lost connection with her. and at that point, i told my guide runner, let's just stop running. the further we run in, it's going to be bad news. >> describe those first few moments after the explosions. >> well, last year, more than three months after the marathon, i lost both my parents. and so having bombs go off around the last family member that i had left was pretty frightening. >> something just blew up. >> what did you guys do immediately afterwards? >> we went off the course and just sat down and tried to call -- my guide runner cameron tried to call her. she was able to get in touch
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with a really kind family, got into their house and gave us food and drink and is let us stay there until family came and got us. >> do you plan on doing anything different with the donations you've raised from this race? >> my donation res going to cancer research. but i think a lot of what i do in the future will definitely be impacted by this. and i plan on being -- again next year. >> so tell us what you're doing now to help people that can't get home. >> they're doing -- at the finish line. i'm sure thousands of runners are displaced, so i will try and do what i can. i would do what that family did for me. it was an act of kindness. mike marina of ottawa, canada, was inspired by that meteor that was caught on all those dash cam videos in russia. he wanted to catch something
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spectacular, too. and he did. here he is merging on to a freeway. watch this truck up ahead. notice what's rolling. >> oh, the axle. >> the truck lost the axle and tires off the back and he witnessed the whole thing on his dash cam. and you can hear his reaction. >> what the [ bleep ]. >> which is what a lot of people might have said if they saw that. the interesting thing is, he saw the driver get out of the truck. as you can see, he's climbing out all by himself. >> how does the whole axle on a truck fall off like that? >> i think it's safe to say this is probably not operator error. >> what's unbelievable to me is it just rolled off the side of the road, nobody else hurt. a motocross race gets off to a rough start when -- >> boom. >> that is a giant pileup. >> why the big wreck was no match for the riders. and make your eggs with ease with the -- >> rolly egg master cooking
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we've got ourselves a good old fashioned motocross race here out of alabama. not the best start for a bunch of riders. i think you'll see why. look. that is a giant pileup. we're at the mill creek motocross park. you can see what the picture looks like. this is motocross crash bodies flying everywhere. if you watch the video, here it is in slow motion. check out that guy. he is airborne, flies over a couple other riders. people in the air, on the ground, everybody tangled up.
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the uploader says he believes more than 65 were tied up in that pileup. >> it looks like their face skimmed that title. >> you can that person gets up, gets on the bike and heads off. there's air being created by the flames. >> this is called the mysterious waiting plant. according to the people who posted it. >> that is what is so weird. the whole plant with like four different weeds on it. >> i was going to say there's some bug on there getting it on. >> if the tree is rocking, don't come aknocking. getting their thing on there.
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>> do you think that's a green stem or do you think that's metal? do you think somebody is trying to trick these people? >> why would somebody go to the trouble of planting a device in the words of hilton head. >> it does stop for a second or two. >> that's weird. nowite perfectly still. >> maybe they did set this up to try to make a viral video. >> somebody on youtube claims this may be a palmetto frond. >> i think it's creepy. let's get out of here. >> i don't know how to feel about the rolly egg masters cooking system. >> . >> the best easy pan freeway to make perfect eggs every time. just crack and roll the egg master pops up delicious eggs in minutes. >> they came you can stuff it. >> make a delicious bacon and egg rolly for breakfast or a
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vegetable egg white rolely. >> after we put the breakfast sandwichmaker to the test, my faith in all these things -- >> the secret is vertical cooking technology that combines a cylindrical nonstick cooking surface surrounding by a heating element. >> is that a special camera trick claiming the heat pushes it up? they're claiming you can make -- >> a tasty rolly burrito or a sin monthly rolly. >> that's what he said about the sandwich breakfastmaker. it hasn't been touched since. >> there is no other ingredients. you don't have to precook anything like you said to with the sandwichmaker. it seems like this might be more efficient. >> and if you're wondering how much this was going to cost you -- >> $39.99. >> but wait, there's more. >> call right now and we'll include the rolly chop to create the delicate rolly omelet. be one of the first equalers and
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we'll take $10 off the price. you get the complete rolly egg master cooking system, plus the recipe guy and the rolly chop. >> you don't need a microwave, too. you just need a rolly. >> it's a video about grandma taking a virtual reality trip. >> this is hilarious. >> grandma is tripping, right this minute. still to come, guys parks his ferrari in a handicap spot. now he's about to get pranked. but watch what happens when ferrari guy catches roman red handed. oh! >> and two cats get a toy kitten. >> they're both kind of looking at each other like, what are we supposed to do with this thing? >> see the cute thing the óç
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all right, everybody, there's still time for you to enter the rtm videos ipad give away. >> log the app, click on win appear ipad and fill out the entry form. you have to be 18 years or older to enter. >> it's easy. get the rtm watch app. you can win an ipad mini. >> enter every day until april 25th. good luck, everybody. >> priced roman atwood no stranger to our show. this time he's pranking for the greater good, i guess you could say. >> pulls up in a handicap zone,
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the guy did not look handicap. there's plenty of parking spots. i'm going to see how he likes to be -- >> so roman did his prank where he goes over and has the water bottle where he looks like he's peaing on somebody's car. watch what happens. >> oh! >> it's water. it's a water bottle. >> dude -- [ bleep ]. >> ferrari. >> don't touch me he. >> you can see this guy is not really taking the joke so well. >> you're in a handicap zone. >> how about if i call the police? >> you're in a handicap zone. >> it's a ferrari. >> it doesn't matter. >> i can see being mad if you think somebody is peeing on your car. but once you realize it's a prank, have a sense of humor. >> i think this guy's ego is bigger than his sense of humor, because he's justifying having parked in this spot because it's a ferrari. therefore, i have a cart blanch tofr whatever i want? >> dude, enough. enough. >> it's not that.
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[ bleep ] your whole family, moth mother [ bleep ]. >> is he aware that even if you have a handicap lane, you can't park there just because it's a ferrari. >> oh, you mother [ bleep ]. >> i love it and i love his courage and i'm glad he did it. teach this fool a lesson. what a douche bag. >> yeah. >> i have a pretty cool video for you guys sent to us by one of our awesome viewers in merit island, florida. what does that look like to you? >> a coy pond. >> like a fish pond. >> this is actually the floor of a guy named jessie sybert. he's an artist. he didn't want plain old hardwoods or la knoll yumm. he didn't want carpet. so he painted his floor -- >> oh, i want that. i want that. because then you don't have to clean the tank and feed the fish
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and worry about the cat eating the fish. >> how did he do this? it's like a mural, basically. he wanted to do something different along with his wife, who is also an artist. so they did this together as kind of like a home improvement project. >> blowing my mind right now. this is the coolest job ever, to tell us more about it, we have jessie sybert via skype right this minute from merit island, florida. welcome to the show, jessie. thanks for being one of our viewers. >> thank you. i love the show. >> we flipping love your creation. how did you do this? is it a usable floor? can i walk across this in high heels? >> yeah. i walk around on it all day long, every day. just painted it and put coats of sealer on top of it and is walk on it every day. walk on water. >> when you do, do you try not to step on the fish, though? >> no. they're fine. it's all just -- >> so when people come into your house, do they feel like they're going to fall into a pond and take a step back?
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>> not quite, but they are afraid to walk on it. they always want to take their shoes off, but i say, no, go ahead, you're fine. >> how long did this take? >> maybe, i don't know, a month on and off. you could sit in so many positions on the floor before you're just tired. >> do you want a coy pond first and realize that would be too much maintenance and money and then decide, i'll just paint the floor instead? >> i actually have some coy ponds in the bark yard. >> so that was your inspiration. >> yeah. >> now, you've done other projects like this, right? >> oh, yes. there's a church down the street. they saw my floor and they wanted one, so i did a coral reef scene. >> you also have a website, sy be he does everything from people to abstract, nature, he paints on canvas and on walls. uh-oh, looks like the dog decided he wanted a new toy. >> is the dog pulling her by the
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bring your dog to work day. not our best idea.
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some people were taking the leisurely strolls down this street in brazil. they saw something off to the side. when they got up close to see weight was, it turns out that cow was stuck inside a manhole. only her head was sticking out. this is the moment that she is being rescued. and how does a cow get down in the sewer? >> she escaped from her
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enclosure and while she was walking, she couldn't tell that she shouldn't walk over the manho manhole. she ended up falling through it. there were signs that were was struggling and tried to get out of it herself. by the time they got there, she was barely exhausted and could barely move been but with the use of ropes and is neighbors and firefighters, they were able to pull her out. >> how big is this manhole that a cow could fit in it and why is this hole not covered? >> apparently it was partially covered and it's possible it was broken. it could have been anything. fortunately they were able to see her just in time to save her. >> i'm so glad they did save her, poor little cows. dog that's a love-hate relationship with this guy. >> good boy. good girl. >> oh, yeah.
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>> you know what i love? i love when people post videos on our "right this minute" video page. >> i love that, too. >> thomas s. martin did that and he calls this new dog toy. it's amazing where the new dog gets this toy. it's a dog pulling her by the ponytail. >> shake your head. >> got it. >> he doesn't have hold of her hair. he has ahold of her scrunchy. as you notice, the little girl is quite amused by this kind of move. >> i'm glad she's laughing because it does look painful at first. it looked like some sort of dog torture device. >> this is walking the kitten with shorty and cody. shorty and cody, as you can see
2:27 pm
here, are real live four-legged cat friends. they get a new kitten and they're trying to negotiate who gets to walk the new kitten because the new kitten is mechanical but it has a leash. >> they're both kind of looking at each other like, what are we supposed to do with this thing? >> and as you can see, cats are unfamiliar with how to walk anything. >> yeah, i know. >> there we go. >> now, of course, the mommy is dragging the kitten. so working skills, needs some help. >> that looks painful for the kitten, but fun to learn. >> that's going to do it for this dead of "right this minute," everybody. we'll see you next time.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. he have the videos you've been looking for "right this minute." >> a squad car hits the man and sends him flying. but he says the cop -- >> never called in the accident. >> see what happened when the dispatcher started asking the officer some tough questions. >> i'm just trying to find out if that was it. >> i'm not there any more. who called it in? >> video of illegal street racing takes it up a notch. >> you really shouldn't have done that level. >> how a child caught this the middle created internet outrage. bites, injuries and a boat load of trouble can only mean one thing. the brave boy


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